Supporters of the Bill

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These political, religious and business leaders, including five former Prime Ministers: The Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, Jean Chretien, Joe Clark, Paul Martin and John Turner, signed CANASB's Letter to the Senate to support Senator Jerry Grafstein's Bill to make suicide bombing an explicit crime in Canada. Their titles and positions are as of the date they signed the Letter. Rarely in the events of Parliament has such a distinguished list of Canadians supported a private member’s bill. List of PROMINENT CANADIANS in greater detail.

Alexander, Hon. Lincoln PC. CC. KSt.J. OOnt. CD. QC. LLD.
Former Ontario Lieutenant Governor.

Al-Hassani, Haithem, Iraq Foundation (Washington).
Canadian Iraqi Coordination Committee.

Asper, Gail LLB.
CanWest Global. Asper Foundation. Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Adler, Leo LLB.
Simon Wiesenthal Center. International Association of Defence Attorneys.

Bercuson, David PhD. OC. RSCF.
Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute Program.

Broadbent, Hon. Ed PC. CC. PhD. LLD.
Former federal NDP leader.

Bromstein, Hon. Reuben LLB. QGJM.
President Canadians Against Suicide Bombing.

Bulka, Rabbi Reuven PhD. LLD.
Co-President Canadian Jewish Congress. Machzikei Hadas Congregation.

Caldwell, Theodore J.P.
Caldwell Investment Management.

Campbell, Rt. Hon. Kim PC. QC. LLD.
Former Prime Minister, Attorney General, Justice & Defence Ministries.

Castel, Jean-Gabriel OC. OOnt. QC. FRSC. SJD. (Harv). LLD. JD. BSc.
International law scholar, Osgoode Hall Law School professor emeritus. Many honours.

Chandaria, Chand
Comcraft worldwide business.

Chrétien, Rt. Hon. Jean PC. CC. QC. LLD.
Former Prime Minister, Finance, Attorney General, Justice & other Ministries.

Clark, Rt. Hon. Joe
Former Prime Minister, Minister of External Affairs & Constitutional Affairs.

Clemenger, Bruce J.
Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

Coffey, Charles S. OC.
Retired RBC VP. Chairman Canadian Council of Christians and Jews.

Collacott, Martin
Fraser Institute. Former ambassador, Counter-terrorism coordinator.

Comper, Tony BA, LLD, D.Hum.L, D.Litt., PhD.
Former President and CEO, BMO Financial Group.

DelZotto, Elvio
Tridel Corporation.

Fatah, Tarek
Founder Muslim Canadian Congress. A "Macleans 50 Canadian".

Fortier, Hon. L. Yves CC. OQ. QC. LLD.
Former UN Ambassador, Security Council President, General Assembly VP.

Frydman-Kohl, Rabbi Baruch
Beth Tzedec Congregation.

Halpine, Anna

World Youth Alliance, UN accredited.

Hargrove, Buzz LLD.
Former National President, Canadian Auto Workers.

Harris, David LLB.
International Terrorist Intelligence, INSIGNIS Strategic Research.

Hartt, Stanley H
. OC. QC.
Former Deputy Minister Finance, Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff.

Henry, The Most Rev. Frederick B. MA. DD.
Bishop Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary.

Hutchison, The Most Rev. Andrew S. LTh., DD., GCLJ, MMLJ.
Archbishop and former Primate The Anglican Church of Canada.

Kendall, The Rev. Stephen B.Eng., M.Div.
The Presbyterian Church in Canada, Secretary of the Assembly Council.

Kent, Peter QGJM.
TV & Media specialist.

Kheiriddin, Tasha BCL. LL.B.
Award winning journalist, TV Producer. A "Macleans 50 Canadian".

Klein, Hon. Ralph.
Former Alberta Premier. A "Macleans 50 Canadian". Olympic Order.

Knowles, Henry J. QC., HBA., LLB., LLM., MBA.
Former Ontario Securities Commission Chairman.

Lalonde, Hon. Marc OC. PC. QC.
Former federal Ministries include Finance and Justice.

MacDonald, Hon. Flora PC. CC. LLD. OOnt.
Many former federal Cabinet Mnistries.

MacKenzie, Major General (Ret'd) Lewis CM. OOnt. MSC and bar, CD.
Peace keeper, Commander in some of world's most dangerous hot spots.

Manning, Hon. Preston
Manning Centre. Former Reform Party leader. A "Macleans 50 Canadian".

Manson, General (Ret'd) Paul D. OC. CMM. CD.
Conference of Defence Associations Institute, former Chief of the Defence Staff.

Mansur, Salim Ph.D.
Professor, UWO. AJC Stephen S. Wise award.

Marmur, Rabbi Dow

Holy Blossom Temple. Honorary Fellow St Michael’s College.

Martin, Rt. Hon. Paul. PC. Hon. BA. LLB.
Former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Distinguished business career.

McCarthy, Doris CMOO. FO. CAA&D. LLD. RCA. OSA. CSPWC.
Distinguished artist. Connected to the Group of Seven.

McMurtry, Hon. R. Roy Q. C.
Former Ont. Chief Justice, AG and High Commissioner to Great Britain.

McVety, Charles DPC (Hon.). D.Litt.
Canada Christian College.

Monahan, Patrick J. LLM. (Harvard).
Dean Osgoode Hall Law School.

Morgan, Ed LLM. (Harvard).
Law professor UofT. Past President Canadian Jewish Congress.

Morris, The Rev. Dr. Harrold BA. BD. MTh. DD.
Past Moderator General Assembly, The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

Patel, Imam Abdul Hai
Former Coordinator of Canadian Council of Imams .

Peterson, Hon. David LLB.
Former Ontario Premier. UofT Chancellor.

Phipps, The Very Rev. Bill BA. LLB. BD. DD.
Former United Church of Canada Moderator.

Raphael, Bert QC.
Canadian Lawyers & Jurists for World Jewry. LSUC Award.

Rae, Hon. Bob PC. OC. OOnt. QC. LLB. LLD. MP.
Former Ontario Premier. Massey College Senior Fellow.

Schwartz, Gerald W. OC. BCom. MBA (Harvard). LLB. DDL.
Onex Corporation. International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award
Manitoba U.

Sherrington, Amanda L.
Canadian Council of Christians and Jews.

Thompson, John CD.
Mackenzie Institute. Recognized expert re terrorism.

Tory, John BA. LLB.
Former Leader Ontario PC Party, President & CEO Rogers Cable and Media.

Turner, Rt. Hon. John N. PC. CC. QC. .
Former Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Justice, Attorney General.

Weinstein, Gerry
B’nai Brith Canada. CEO Nirvana Management Consultants.


The Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, Canada's largest interfaith organization, endorses CANASB as do other important organizations.

Iraqis in Canada and around the world, including Iraq Ambassador Howard Ziad, support Grafsteion's Bill and CANASB with web sites in Muslim design.

4 all-party MPs: Stockwell Day (C), Richard Marceau (BQ), Anita Neville (Lib), Judy Wasylycia-Leis (NDP) in 2004 asked the House of Commons to declare Suicide Bombing a Crime Against Humanity. Stockwell Day and former MP Susan Kadis (Lib) were among the first to support CANASB.